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Why Wyoming Beef 

Wyoming is one of the most cattle rich states in the country. The number of cattle far exceeds the total population of Wyoming. Wyoming's native grasslands provide excellent feed and nutrition for cattle. Wyoming's grass finished beef provide a flavorful and lean product sought after by people all across the country. Other consumers prefer a grain finished beef, in which beef are finished out using local crops and grains, harvested here in Wyoming as well. Grain finished beef provide a more marbled meat while still producing that excellent Wyoming beef taste. 


Product Traceability

100% Traceable. 100% Wyoming.

By sourcing all our beef locally, we are able to provide background info unmatched in todays current market.  Our personal relationships with the ranchers we buy our beef from allows us to produce a 100% traceable product. We are able to determine age of beef, where the beef was raised, how it was fed, genetics of that beef, and finally if that beef was either grain finished or grass finished. Knowing this information allows us to truly say "ranch to table". We at Wyoming Ranch Foods take pride in knowing where all our beef come from and enjoy passing that information onto the consumer. 


Product Sustainability 

With scares of beef shortages, product sustainability could not be more important. Rich in cattle, Wyoming has no shortage in providing excellent quality beef to its consumers. Wyoming Ranch Foods bridges that gap from producer to consumer. Directly buying from ranchers allows us to provide security to beef consumers, knowing that quality beef will always be available. 

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